Brehon Aid is a campaign by The Brehon Law Project, a loose coalition of individuals and organizations who are interested in the study of Brehon Law, the indigenous common law of Ireland. Our mission is to:

1. Raise awareness of the existence of the Brehon Laws, which remain obscure to most people, even Irish.
2. Support the CELT Project, currently under way at University College Cork, in the their efforts to electronically publish the entire corpus of the laws to the internet, allowing for future translation.
3. Share resources relating to the laws and form a central repository, for ease of research.
4. Clarify the history of the laws, and the people and events relating to them.
5. Discuss specific aspects of the laws, and their relationship to other divisions of the humanities, such as literature, music, and mythology.
6. Explore the use of law, as it was practiced, in various social activities, such as sports and medicine.
7. Inform the public about current events relating to the resurgence of interest in the them, such as the Burren Law School 2000.
8 Provide an accessible tool for teachers and students to either study them, and possibly express their opinions on the laws.
9. Petition the Irish Government to allocate funds to the CELT Project so that they can hire the necessary staff to tackle to immense task before them, publishing and translating.
10.Have fun doing all the above.




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